Innovation enabled by OLED

Your Flex Life
with OLED

Smart Stall

Shopping manager for
convenient shopping Experiencing advertisements provided
by premium quality OLED, and
purchasing products through the touch display

Object Showcase

Representing showcase
like a work of artDual Configuration of OLEDs creating
a three-dimensional and artistic scene

Intelligent Shelf

Smart and Intelligent Shelf
in Curved Form Freeform Design, a Unique and
Superior Feature of OLED

Shopping Way

A new concept of shopping promoter
that induces shopping everywhereDigital shopping tunnel that checks my shopping cart
by QR code verification and
pays easily with just a touch

Experiential relaxation space through display

Rest&Play Zone

Hologram Piloti

Pillar Type OLED Signage
Freeform Design, a Unique and
Superior Feature of OLED

Media Chair

Private Rest Area for both Relaxation and Entertainment
Pivotable All-in-One(Audio/Video)
Display with Convenient Touch Interface

Virtual Ride

Cycling/Running with Friends or Clubs
Vertical Tiling Display
with Convenient Touch Interface

Futuristic Shopping Experience presented
by Open Innovation Forum

For more Details, check the new and
special future shopping space through
the video below.

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You can experience OIF by visiting LG Science Park in Seoul, Korea.
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